A Story: In 1932 Eloise Butler wrote the following about her experiences with Prairie Dock:
"Are you all familiar with Prairie Dock, Silphium terebinthinaceum, belonging to the same genus as the famous Compass Plant, S. laciniatum? A single specimen was given me nine years ago and I planted it near my office. Every season it sent up its large green banners, but nary a flower. I hesitated to change the plant to another situation because of its large root and lest I might lose it altogether. So this last spring I gave it a ‘good talking to’ and bought half a dozen more Prairie Dock and planted them elsewhere. To my astonishment the obstinate specimen sent up at once the tall stalk that burgeoned out into a number of sizable yellow flowers! I have had somewhat similar experiences. Does it mean that plants are sentient beings?" From her unpublished work Annals of the Wildlife Reserve.