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Past Members of the Board of Directors

Wilbur H. Tusler

Wilber Tusler

It was Mr. Wilbur Tusler who took on the chair position of the Friends of the Wild Flower Garden Building Committee responsible for the construction of the Martha Crone Shelter. He was an architect. In 1917 he and an associate, Gottfried R. Magney, formed the architectural firm of Magney and Tusler, that in 1969 became Magney, Tusler & Setters. Mr. Tusler had retired from active work earlier. His firm did the architectural work for the 1932 Main Post Office in Minneapolis, the Young-Quinlan Building, the original MacPhail School of Music, the Minneapolis Woman's Club, the Foshay Tower, and four hospitals: Swedish, Abbott, Northwestern and Deaconess. The original Prudential Insurance Building in Golden Valley and the Armatage School in South Minneapolis are also his firms work. Their chief designer, Leon Arnal, did the design work on the Foshay Tower and the Post Office.

Mr. Tusler joined the Friends Board of Directors in 1969 at the request of Friends President Catherine Faragher, Tusler having already been active with the Friends in the building plan. He was on the board through 1974.

Tusler Memorial
The lintel over the door to the Martha Crone Visitor's Shelter is engraved in memory of Margaret Tusler who passed away on April 1, 1969.

Mr. Tusler arranged for the design of the shelter from architect Hiram Livingston and oversaw the construction. He contributed substantial funds to help fund the construction and created the memorial to his wife Margaret that is the lintel of the Shelter door. She had passed away on April 1, 1969 during the fund raising phase of the shelter construction.

One colorful episode from Tusler's life was covered in an article in the August 24, 1926 Minneapolis Star. It stated "Somewhere in northern Minnesota today, Wilber Tusler is looking for the oldest and most picturesque Indian wigwam he can find." It was to be used as a stage decoration centerpiece for the Sept. 1st address of Col. Theodore Roosevelt to the annual pow wow of the Hennepin County Sportman's club. The chairman of the event said "We want on that will make him sit up and take notice. If anybody can find it, he is Wilber Tusler."

He passed away on Aug. 14, 1985 at age 94.

Reference: Minutes of The Board of Directors and other documents of the Friends of the Wild Flower Garden, Inc. Text by G D Bebeau.