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Summer 2022: White native flowers for Summer.

Spring 2022: Selected Writings of Eloise Butler.
----Summer wild flowers for a shady garden.
----Spring wild flowers for a shady garden
----Seeds - collecting native seeds (2021)
----History of the Friends of the Wild Flower Garden

Winter 2021/2022: Friends history 2021; Our Mighty Oaks; Spring Warblers; April photos from spring, 2021.

Fall 2021: Talk by author John Moriarty given at the annual meeting of the Friends on Sept. 19, 2021.
John Moriarty is senior manager of wildlife for Three Rivers Park District. He has written or co-authored five books on the natural world of Minnesota. His talk concentrates on the latest book - Minnesota’s Natural Heritage. Minnesota hosts three of the world’s ten biomes: the northern coniferous forests, the deciduous forests, and the prairie, each with its lakes, wetlands, streams and rivers. The book covers all three allowing readers to comprehend our ecosystems and its future. Link to YouTube video. 50 minutes.

Summer 2021: Lilies of the Garden - review of the species in the Garden.

Spring 2021: Friends directors 1952 to 1972 - brief bio's of those who where not founding directors; Walter Lehnert, President 1962-1964.

Winter 2020/21: Friends history for 2020

Winter 2020/21: Our Native Dogwoods; Saving the Monarchs; Purple Pitcher Plant.

Fall 2020: Bios of the builders of the Martha Crone Shelter: Catherine Faragher, Robert Dassett, Harry Thorn, Wilber Tusler, Alvin Witt.

Fall 2020: Lulu May Aler and the bird feeding station at the Garden.

Fall 2020: Gray Memorial Botanical Chapter, Agassiz Association. - with Eloise Butler's connection.

Fall 2020: Twigs and Branches - a blog of connections between the Garden, the natural world and the work of the Friends. Summer and Fall 2020.

Spring 2020: Frances Densmore - Native American Ethnobotany - Historical Minnesota Research

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